The HipHopHuis has been the center for creativity and development according to the universal values of hip-hop culture for 18 years. A safe space for kids and teens, newbies and professionals, passers-by and purists. The organization is run by a close-knit team with deep roots in the hip-hop community. Based in Rotterdam, the HipHopHuis operates nationally and internationally, with a dynamic offering that challenges the status quo, in the individual, the hip-hop scene and the

cultural sector.

HipHopHuis builds, strengthens and develops based on the values of hip-hop. Because hip-hop brings the ideas about

equality, ownership, creativity and innovation that are needed in this world. Hip hop empowers people, communities and ultimately society as a whole. HipHopHuis works on this with hip-hop classes and events, spreading cultural knowledge and offering a home for the community.


Being unique is powerful. Expressing yourself is essential. Hip-hop helps you to find your strengths, to express who you are.

It teaches you the importance of authenticity and never to copy. 

In our classes and events we support those who show themselves and we encourage those who need an extra push.


Hip-hop is not only about moves, music, style and expressions. Hip-hop comes with its own way of thinking, behaving and living that is reflected in everything you do. 

Hip-hop has a history and culture that is inextricably linked to social issues and society as a whole. It is important to educate and share knowledge about this. 

To better understand the culture, but also your own identity. That is why we develop relevant programs with cultural leaders and ambassadors from our communities.


In a strong community you take care of each other, you have each other’s ‘back’ and you motivate each other. Our mission is to uplift everyone in our community. And by doing that well, our influence extends beyond our own walls. We inspire each other and others to follow your own rules. Build your own empire. Create your own news. And by doing things successfully in our own way, we also inspire others to follow suit.

Contact us if you are interested in a collab, coaching or other ways of collaboration.


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