Being unique is powerful. Expressing yourself is essential. Hip-hop helps you to find your strengths, to express who you are. It teaches you the importance of authenticity and never to copy. In our classes and events we support those who

show themselves and we encourage those who need an extra push.


Check out these highlights of our diverse and multidisciplinary programs!

On hold due to corona

Dance courses

Classes and courses are led by role models with an international reputation who embody their profession. The teachers have diverse backgrounnd, from formal art training to  self-taught, but all are at the forefront of the international scene. They immerse themselves in the culture behind the art form, form collectives, organize events and are a leader in their community. The program consists of ten disciplines with dance styles such as breaking, hip-hop freestyle, house, dancehall, vogue, waacking, afro and popping.



August 10, 2019

The Notorious IBE x HipHopHuis

The Notorious IBE is an international dance festival dedicated to present and equally highlight all aspects of Hip Hop and Urban dance culture. Program includes performances, dance battles, dance shows, workshops, talk shows, expos, photography, art and parties.


On hold due to corona

DJ Classes

We offer a number of 10-week courses every season. The course allows you to quickly develop a discipline such as DJing, Spoken Word or Producing.

Do you want to perform at parties, mix trick or scratch for MCs? Then the HipHopHuis is the right place for you to start working on your dream. Together with Franky Sticks & Mo Jakob you will work on your skills for 10 weeks, at the end of the course you will have the opportunity to show what you have learned.



February 20, 2019

Masterclass: Juste Debout

World top heavy hitters such as Les Twins (FR), Slim Boogie (US), Loic (FR) and Sekou (US) gave a masterclass. We collaborated with Juste Debout to organize the masterclass. 


February 9, 2019

Masterclass: Nikki Awandee

Niki is a well known figure in the battle scene.Her unique views and expression are being recognized and appreciated all over the world. She is the winner of Juste Debout 2010 (Paris), WDC 2010 (Japan) SDK HipHop 09-10-11 (Czech Republic), Fresh Battle 2014 (Japan), Just Play 2015 (Kina) just to mention a few.