The season closing was about  Black Santa, supporting the community and celebrating the upcoming holidays with multiple online, covid-proof celebrations. 

Black Santa

After a long and difficult year the community was in need of Black Santa. He entertained us, spread the love, hared some wisdom and gave out goodies!


Power moves in media

2020 was rough, but good came out of it as well. It inspired serious power moves in media. On 14th December at 12.00, Zaïre Krieger hosts a Powertalk about representation, claiming space and telling your own story with exceptional guests Ivette Forster from Omroep X, Shay Kreuger and Hesdy Lonwijk.


Simone Zeefuik

Queen Mother Simone Zeefuik came through with a special Christmas message. Simone shared her thoughts and insights about Black joy, increased representation of dark-skinned Black folks, spirituality, intergenerational conversations and the illegalization of people. 

Videoclips kids & teens

It wasn’t Queen Bee or Kanye West dropping a new viddy. Nope, it’s our very own HipHopHuis kids & teens showing us what they’ve been working on all year long! 

Check out the other video’s on youtube!

Food bank campaign

We collected non-perishable in-date food & hygiene products that were donated by our community and delivered this to the Voedselbank (Food bank).

Nuggets of Knowledge

During Tuff Times we served some nuggets of knowledge. Check out all the nuggets on youtube!