Every season the HipHopHuis offers a number of 10-week courses. The course allows you to quickly develop a discipline such as DJing, Spoken Word or Producing. Do you want to perform at parties, mix trick or scratch for MCs? Then the HipHopHuis is the right place for you to start working on your dream. Together with Franky Sticks & Mo Jakob you will work on your skills for 10 weeks, at the end of the course you will have the opportunity to show what you have learned.

The course is for beginners, experienced DJs and pros. You will be classified by level, after which a plan of action will be set up for each participant. So you know exactly which steps you will take during the course.

The beginners and semi-advanced will mainly be busy with the basic mix and scratch techniques. How to glue different songs together, beatmatching, beatmixing, the baby scratch, stab scratch and the transformer will certainly be discussed. For the advanced students, more attention is paid to the specific objectives of the participants.


Whole DJ course (10 lessons, mixing + scratching) € 75 


Half DJ course (5 lessons, scratching for advanced) € 40



18:00 -19:00

Level: 12 +, Beginners


19:00 -20:00 

Level: 12+, Semi-advanced


20:00 -21:00 

Level: 12+, advanced

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