We're on the Move

31 Jan

As of May 2024, Hiphophuis will move to the iconic building of Kunstinstituut Melly to collaborate and live under the same roof, marking a new era of cultural activity in the heart of Rotterdam.

“As roommates we explore a deeper connection to our current relationship, which flows into a shared ideology for a collaborative program, publications and public engagement, in which contemporary art naturally intersects and intertwines with hip-hop. We’re also excited to be welcomed here and contribute to the high density of iconic Rotterdam landmarks like Skatepark and Warung Mini.” — Aruna Vermeulen (co-founder and director of Hiphophuis) 

We’re excited to find out what happens when we open up to each other’s practices, creative flows, and learning attitudes. As we start this journey, we will explore a joint vision for Rotterdam’s arts and culture. We are committed to integrating Kunstinstituut Melly’s Collective Learning with Learning by Doing from Hiphophuis. By sharing these methodologies, we aim to create a rich diversity of learning styles.

“Bringing Kunstinstituut Melly and Hiphophuis under one roof is exciting for the future of culture in Rotterdam. We believe that the future of our collaborative relationship lies in ensuring that we remain agile and provocative in our programming and will bring a more profound understanding of our work, as well as help both art forms inspire new ways of working and thinking institutionally.” —  Gabi Ngcobo (director of Kunstinstituut Melly since 2024)

With this move, we respond to a call for a place where contemporary art, performance, and talent development merge effortlessly. This step is crucial for both hip-hop and contemporary art, as it fosters innovation in both genres. Rotterdam is ideally suited for this integration of local and international artistic gatherings. We will be creating an inclusive space that builds bridges between communities in Rotterdam and abroad. 

“I am a great advocate for cooperation and interconnectivity in the cultural sector. I am really happy to hear that these two institutions in Rotterdam have responded to my call to action regarding this. I look forward to their plans.”
— Said Kasmi, Alderman Education, Culture and Events, Municipality of Rotterdam

This partnership was initiated by Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy (director of Kunstinstituut Melly from 2018 to 2023) and Aruna Vermeulen (co-founder and director Hiphophuis) in 2023. For press requests or for further information, please contact Aïda Sium (Hiphophuis) via aida@hiphophuis.nl