Hiphophuis X FamilieFest celebrates Free Heri Heri for All @ Het Nieuwe Café

On June 30, 2023, Hiphophuis and Nieuwe Instituut brought an explosive mix of culture, history and good food. The special edition of FamilieFest was a tribute to the abolition of slavery and brought families and children together to enjoy the traditional dish, Heri Heri.

Heri Heri: A dish with a story

Heri Heri, meaning 'to heal', is not just any dish; it is infused with history. Once prepared and eaten by enslaved people on plantations during the transatlantic slave trade, this casserole dish is now a delicious delicacy. Made from cassava, sweet potato, egg, bakkeljauw and banana, Heri Heri brings flavor and history together. Chef Manuela Goncalves Tavares and her team at Het Nieuwe Café brought this dish to life.

The Program

In the Capoeira workshop the Afro-Brazilian martial art came to life, while the Anyisa-folding workshop revealed to us the profound meaning of the Surinamese headscarf. Kenneth Olbina took us on a journey to the origins of Tambú, the Curaçao dance, music and instrument that connected enslaved people through their own secret language.

The FamilieFest was the perfect event for the 1st screening of the mini documentary 
"Dancing on the Shoulders of Giants". This documentary takes us back to the Rotterdam HipHop scene of the 80s and 90s, a nostalgic journey that has just begun.

Hiphophuis X FamilieFest was not just another day; it was a party full of history,
culture and connections.