Petit rolled into the teaching world in 2012 when he spontaneously had to sub for an other teacher in the dance school where he followed dance classes in Almere.. The kids were so hyped about the class that it grew from 14 to 40 children within a week. The power of mouth to mouth advertising is real.That was the start of Petit’s teaching life even though he never thought he would be a teacher. He came from Africa, Tanzania and loved to dance eversinds he was  a child and the owner of that dance school saw a lot of potential in him. He guided Petit the best way he could and his classes were always full. Back then, African dance wasn’t as popular as it is today. Petit posted videos online and he saw that his offline and offline audience was growing, he was doing something different than a lot of others. He truly enjoys teaching children, to see them grow into kids who gain more confidence because they are growing in their dancing skills. He set up the crew “Afrovibes”and with them he did a lot of things. They won “Everybody dance now” danced for the queen and in different video clips of artists.



The african dance community and the love for afro dance grew because of Petit his effort. Petit is one of the pioneers of African Dance in The Netherlands & in other countries , because after all of these different performances, Tv appearances, popular youtube videos,  dance schools wanted to also offer Afro dance. All of this gives him the feeling of “Mission Accomplished” because he put African dance on the map. The next mission is to guide and help his students to also become great dancers and some of them even teachers.



In his class you can expect fun,excitement, different african dance styles, grooves and growth.  Don’t be scared if you don’t know anything as yet, Petit enjoys teaching beginners! He will take his time to explain the steps to you.