This man really grew up with hip hop sinds the 80’s. He listen to all types of hiphop. Like Public Enemy with their political state of mind, Big Daddy Kane who could be so smooth with his words. both artists without any cussing. He loved the fact that he could hear the same sound that his parents listen to. in Hiphop that has been made in that time.

With his family they try to imitate the musicians and try out different moves to the music. Dance and music was important for the family because it was a way to connect with each other. His first form of teaching go all the way back to elementary school, where he would showcase his latest moves every Friday on his recorded cassette tapes. People were always impressed and wanted to learn from him.


What he loved about popping is that you are creating illusions and are actually the dancing magician. This fascinated him and he wanted to learn more about it, He also felt the funky music deeply. Films that also inspired him were beat street, breaking off stop motion moves or the 7th Voyages of Sinbad from 1958. It was so cool to see the dances that you saw on tv, come to life in popping.  


is important because it is about connection, learning from each other and sharing knowledge that u cant get anywhere else . Each one teaches one is a reall thing and this is the way to keep the culture alive. feeling free in who you are. jamming together , Peace love unity and having fun.


And these elements are the ones he also uses in his classes and what it is all about.

He teaches people to connect with the music, creating illusions, bounces & grooves, new jack swing and many more. The main goal is to teach you how to move.

To get the best out of yourself. because everybody comes with another goal.