Free Heri Heri For All is an initiative of KIP Republic to commemorate and 

celebrate July 1, 1863, the day of the abolition of the slavery past in a contemporary and unifying way. 

This day is also known as Keti Koti, Dia Di Lucha Pa Libertat and Emancipation Day.

Heri Heri is a one-pan dish consisting of ground fruit cassava, sweet potato, green and yellow bananas, fried salty fish (cod) and an egg. Today, Heri Heri is a dish that culturally connects people with ancestors and thus with history. In the afro diaspora, it is also a favorite and a dish that is often made during various celebrations.

On Friday 1 July, together with Kunstinstituut Melly and Theater Rotterdam, we’re handing out free heri heri meals. 

Come pick up your heri heri in hiphophuis house between 14.00 – 16.00 and

enjoy beautiful people and good tunes by DJ Don de Baron on the terrace of neighbor Annabel.

Look back at Free Heri Heri 2021

Look back at Free Heri Heri 2021! We started out the day with a traditional libation by a mother to many, called Eartha Le Couvreur. The libation is a ritual in which a liquid is poured from a gourd in memory of a deceased, a god or a spirit. With the gourd and water, the ancestors and mother earth are asked for support and a good end to all the activities to be undertaken during the day. This ceremony also serves as a respect for those who have gone before us and especially during Keti Koti, a tribute to the enslaved people. Words and water are therefore important elements in the ceremony, which provide a connection between the past, present and future.


Photography by Brandon Gravenberch


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