With several years of experience under his belt, Cribz teaches dancers of different ages and levels. His lessons are full of energy and he knows how to convey this to his students. 


Find out more about Chris and his breaking course!



Danimé is energetic and puts her heart and soul into dance. She is especially at home in her African roots, but also in dancehall.





Find out more about Danimé and when she teaches here!

Elly Vineyard


Elejandro’s first encounter with Ballroom changed his life. Ballroom culture has given him the freedom to be who he is and he is now the overall Father of House of Vineyard.


Find out more about Elly and his vogueing course!

Franky Sticks


Franky Sticks – as a DJ – rocks crowds in clubs and at festivals at home and abroad. He has been known for his ability to integrate turntablism into his sets for over five years. 


 Find out more about Franky and the DJ course! 




Hassani has developed different styles (hip-hop, house and popping) and built up a broad set of skills.


Find out more about Hassani and freestyle courses!

Kevin Paradox


Kevin a.k.a. Paradox trains to achieve his goal and perfect his theories. He has won  countless battles and teaches his students to freestyle step by step.



Find out more about Paradox and freestyle courses!



Laquelle “LALAH” is a professional dancer and has toured at home and abroad with a mix of music, hip-hop underground and experimental.


Find out more about Laquelle and heels courses!


Hiphop choreo

Meyline has worked as a choreographer for various artists. Meyline enjoys teaching young people of different ages because she herself is continuously challenged in this way. 

Find out more about Meyline and HipHop choreo courses!

Mo Jakob


Mo Jakob is a DJ formed by boombap and jazz. Through the sample culture he has learned to discover more genres and taught himself to bring different movements together in his sets. 


Find out more about Mo Jakob and DJ courses!



Pop-I a.k.a Gilbriano (Pop’arazzi crew) is a popper with an old skool vibe. His classes are energetic, tough and challenging and are packed every week.


Find out more about Pop-I and popping courses!

Senna Amarnis



Shahin feels at his best when he’s Waacking and Vogueing, because of the liberation. He thinks it is important that his students can find themselves in dance and celebrate their uniqueness.

Find out more about Shahin and Waacking courses!



Sheree Lenting works in theater as a choreographer, teaches various dance styles, works as a teacher and does community dance projects around the world.

Find out more about Sheree and HipHop dance courses



Steven has rocked various stages at home and abroad with his Pop’Arazzi crew. All these experiences made him feel more confident in himself and motivated him to start teaching.

Find out more about Steven and HipHop beginners courses!





Tamara discovered the battle scene where she has built up quite a name at home and abroad in Waacking, Allstyle but mainly Housedance.

She has many titles to her name and has toured at home and abroad. 

Find out more about Tamara and House classes!



Steve “Veusty” started dancing in 1991 during the time of MC Hammer, Kid & Play, The Fresh Prince. Inspired by the way she danced, he started practicing those moves himself.  Within this style he has grown and become a respected name in the scene.

Find out more about Veusty and HipHop dance classes!



Yenerous feels dance in heart and soul. In addition to experiencing this pleasant feeling for herself, it is her mission to bring as many people as possible from different backgrounds and ages.

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