Free Heri Heri For All is an initiative of KIP Republic to commemorate and 

celebrate July 1, 1863, the day of the abolition of the slavery past in a contemporary and unifying way. 

This day is also known as Keti Koti, Dia Di Lucha Pa Libertat and Emancipation Day.



Heri Heri is a one-pan dish consisting of ground fruit cassava, sweet potato, green and yellow bananas, fried salty fish (cod) and an egg. Today, Heri Heri is a dish that culturally connects people with ancestors and thus with history. In the afro diaspora, it is also a favorite and a dish that is often made during various celebrations.



The day was traditionally ushered in with a libation by a mother to many, called Eartha Le Couvreur. The libation is a ritual in which a liquid is poured from a gourd in memory of a deceased, a god or a spirit. With the gourd and water, the ancestors and mother earth are asked for support and a good end to all the activities to be undertaken during the day. This ceremony also serves as a respect for those who have gone before us and especially during Keti Koti, a tribute to the enslaved people. Words and water are therefore important elements in the ceremony, which provide a connection between the past, present and future.





Photography by Brandon Gravenberch





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