Beyond Battles: The Notorious IBE X Hiphophuis

It's no secret that hip-hop is a global movement, and this year Next Level took that notion
even further. With partners like the U.S. Department of State, the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Meridian International Center, Next Level dedicated itself to
promoting cross-cultural exchange through hip-hop music, art, and dance. They achieved this
by collaborating with U.S. embassies and consulates to create residencies in communities
around the world. This year, American hip-hop artists and educators teamed up with
Hiphophuis to deliver jams, talks, and performances.

Pre-IBE Jam: Hip-Hop Vibes with Next Level

Before The Notorious IBE kicked off, Hiphophuis brought us an unmissable Pre-IBE Jam.
This time, we joined forces with Next Level, injecting an extra dose of energy into the mix.
ROK, and AYSHA UPCHURCH, all part of the Next Level team, this jam was truly "next
level." Together with Hassani Le Coveur, we curated an evening with awesome DJ sets,
where everyone could freely train and come together.

IBE's Documentary Screening: Dancing on The Shoulders of Giants

At the 25th edition of The Notorious IBE, there was more than just battles and showcases. A
highlight for Hiphophuis was the screening of the mini-documentary "Dancing on The
Shoulders of Giants." This event was the perfect place to showcase the mini-documentary, as
IBE is the epicenter where the greats of the breaking scene come together. It was a tribute to
the history of IBE while offering a glimpse into the future.

POWERTALK: WHY we dance VS HOW to dance: A conversation between HipHop

On Saturday, August 5th, Hiphophuis hosted a Powertalk during IBE in collaboration with
Next Level. Led by Aruna and Aysha, participants were treated to a conversation that delved
deeper than just moves and beats. With inspiring panelists like Menno, Hassani, Big Tara,
Junious, and Kujo, the discussion revolved around the reasons why the panelists dance and
how they dance. It provided significant insights into the thoughts behind the moves.

Looking back on The Notorious IBE 2023 is a celebration in itself. With Next Level's global
impact, the incredible Pre-IBE Jam, and the inspiring conversations during the event, it was
an experience that will stay with us for a long time. Here's to next year, where new vibes,
moves, and connections await us!