The HipHopHuis has been around since 2002 and was founded to provide a home base for hip-hop enthusiasts from Rotterdam and the surrounding area. Founders Bennie Semil, Lloyd Marengo and Aruna Vermeulen first developed the HipHopHuis in collaboration with the SKVR. The HipHopHuis has been an independent foundation since 2008.

The HipHopHuis Holland Foundation works with an unpaid board, namely Bart Budding (chairman), Lidi van Dessel (secretary), Odilia Arlaud (treasurer), Elvis Oliveira (general board member) and Hajo Doorn (general board member).

The remuneration policy of the HipHopHuis Holland Foundation is in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement for Art Education. The director is Aruna Vermeulen, classified in scale 12 of this CLA. The HipHopHuis Holland Foundation has an ANBI status linked to RSIN number: 818791408.

The HipHopHuis has set itself the goal of realizing a wide range of education, both in-house and in education. In the field of talent development, the HipHopHuis has international ambitions. Professionalisation of the organisation, especially in the areas of finance, communication, marketing and events, is also a spearhead.

The HipHopHuis strives to offer high quality at low rates, so that participation is accessible to everyone. This objective is made possible thanks to sponsors and subsidies. The HipHopHuis program is mainly made possible by a structural subsidy from the Municipality of Rotterdam. Look here for our general terms and conditions, annual reports and our multi-year policy plan.

HipHopHuis works with an unpaid board, namely:

Bart Budding (chairman) – until 1 March 2023

Odilia Arlaud (treasurer) – until 1 January 2023

Lidi van Dessel (secretary) – until 1 March 2023

Elvis Oliveira (general board member) –  until 1 September 2022

Hajo Doorn (general board member) – until 1 September 2022

Irlen Janssen (general board member) – until 1 October 2025

Stichting HipHopHuis Holland – Delftsestraat 19a – 3013 AD – Rotterdam